Foster Meals

Thank you for your heart to serve foster children in the Nassau County area!  We are grateful for your generosity, and would like to provide you with four frozen meals each month.  It is our prayer that the meals will help alleviate some of the pressure during your weeknights.

In order to request meals for your family, please sign up through the link provided below.  The deadline for meal sign up is the 10th of the previous month. For example, if you would like to receive meals in November, your request must be submitted by October 10th.

You will receive your meals in a tote bag each month. We ask that you please return the bag the following month, and we’ll give you another bag filled with meals.

 Please note:  If you register for meals and you miss two pick-up times, you will loose your eligibility to sign up for future meals.  This criteria has been established to maintain proper stewardship and efficiency of the program.


We also offer a resource closet where needs can be met for children placed in your care. This unit offers clothing, supplies, and gear that may be needed to care for these children. You may request these items by contacting Carrie Everett and our serve team at (904)729-506

 Thank you again for allowing us to come alongside you as you care for these precious children.