Our Mission

To provide relevant, effective and respectful services to individuals that are struggling to feed, support and/or sustain a healthy and productive life for themselves and their families here in Nassau County.

Our Vision

For a healthy and hunger free community that joyfully and meaningfully serves and supports it's elders, children, veterans, and neighbors in need.

In 2015, we distributed nearly 550,000 pounds of food. That's 447,223 meals placed into the hands of our community's hungriest. In 2016, at our new Outreach Center, over 640,300 pounds. of food was rescued, inspected and safely distributed to 26, 208 families struggling with hunger & poverty.

OUtreach Team

Ashley Coxwell

Carrie Everett

team members

We are fueled through 62 Food Safety trained Volunteers that operate a five day work schedule, each averaging 11 hours per week in a variety of roles for 51 weeks per year. In 2016, Journey Outreach Center Team Members invested 30,855 Hours, valued at $496,831.80 which helped to provide 640, 300 lbs. of healthy fresh, frozen and non-perishable food to over 26,000 hungry families in Nassau and Duval counties. Who are these people? There is an undeniable power to this outreach that is provided by the fuel, faith and invaluable experiences of our Team Members. Primarily 65 years of age and older, these valued Team Members are the strong hearts, nimble fingers, and calloused hands that move this mission every day. In addition to their daily dedication, they bring a rich diversity of career experiences in teaching, logistics, medicine, IT, business ownership, military, parenting and law to every individual they serve. Here, our seniors are enthusiastically embraced for the wisdom and expertise they bring to the table and appreciated for all that they have contributed to our community over the decades.