County and community needs

Population: 5.9% Unemployment

21,980 Family Households

8,965 Veterans 15.2% of population


Our Neighbors Living in Poverty: 

11.7% of our total population 

17.5% of families with children ages 5-17

12.6%.-Females age 35-44 struggle the most, and are the largest percentage of our population that live in or well below the poverty line

14.7%  of our neighbors have no health insurance

10.6% of our neighbors under the age of 65 are disabled


Our Children:

Over 50% of students in Nassau County Schools (5800+) qualify for free or reduced priced meals based on USDA income guidelines, there are nearly 600 students classified as homeless, with no permanent or stable home or lodging; and over 1500 childrenwho have been pulled from their homes due to risk and neglect and now looking for and/or living in foster homes.