How We work

Authentic Impact works to raise awareness regarding our community’s needs and to support the Journey Church Outreach Center (JCOC) food pantry and targeted outreaches. Outreaches are compassionate, strategic and designed to clearly address a gap or unmet need in our hometown.  These focus on (but are not limited to) health and nutrition of our children (foster, adoptive, homeless and abandoned children are priorities) and elderly (low income homebound), and emergency needs. Our unique, personal choice food pantry is at the very heart of our operations and collaborations with other strong, like minded organizations provide free additional resources each week.

Program Description

Foster families

We currently serve over 135 children through Foster and Adoptive family outreach with prepared meals, caregiver support, transportation,, and a resource room stocked with clothing, diapers, and other needed supplies. We also provide food and support to children and infants pulled from their homes in emergency situations.



Our Support Our Schools program is an online request forum for teachers, principals and counselors to request much needed equipment and resources for their classrooms. Over the last five years,  we have provided over $30,000 in laptops, adaptive resources, screens, books, art supplies and backpacks. This year we are providing new score boards for Yulee High School!

Older Adults

In partnership with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Senior Home Checks, we provide boxes of fresh healthy groceries and household goods to low income, homebound seniors.  Through our collaborations with ElderSource and Nassau County Council on Aging, we provide relevant connections to health, nutritional and financial resources for seniors. 



We utilize 52 Volunteers with a five day work schedule, each averaging 11 hours per week in a variety of roles for 50 weeks per year.  Thats over $673,800 in volunteer time. The average age of a Volunteer is 68.